Shop Local Week

Celebrate Shop Local Week by being a customer to locally owned businesses every day from May 1-7.

Small local businesses are
local Superheros!

Be their Champion and shop local!!

Your community depends on local business too. They are what makes your local economy thrive and your life full of unique and wonderful choices. They are your neighbors and friends, community supporters and partners. They’re also your trusted advisors and services.

Beyond the economic and community benefits of shopping locally, it’s just plain fun. Products and choices are provided just for you, not everyone everywhere. And there’s someone to listen to your requests, usually an owner who can make decisions. Want to see something on the menu? Ask the owner. Want to see more cool-weather clothing? Ask the owner. Need a service not on the list? Ask the owner.

Studies across the country show that spending locally recirculates 3-5 times as much money in your community as spending with a big box or chain store. Your community collects more sales taxes to pay for emergency services, parks, libraries and so much more. The profits stay local rather than being sent out of state or even out of country. This helps support little league teams, children’s services and causes you care about through philanthropy.

Shop Local Week was created in support of the SBA’s Small Business Week. With Shop Local Week,  customers can now participate in the week-long celebration of all things local business.

Shop Local Week is a feature of Local First, a program of the Local Business Institute.

Take the Shop Local Week Challenge and pick something every day to do with a local business. Choose your own activity or use our suggestions. Either way, be a champion and shop local!

Take the Shop Local Week daily challenge and post a pic of your adventures on Facebook with #ShopLocalWeek.
Let’s show our love for local!


  • Have Sunday Brunch at a local restaurant
  • Pick up a new leash at a local pet store and take your dog for a walk
  • It’s always a good day to relax and read a book from your local bookstore
  • Take the kids outdoors with new sports equipment from your local shop


  • Get your morning coffee from a local coffee shop
  • Drop off your dry cleaning at a local laundry
  • Pick up dinner for the family from a local restaurant
  • Need new shoes? Check your local shoe stores first


  • Pick up that gift you need from a local gift shop
  • Surprise the kiddos with a new toy from your local toy store
  • Get your oil changed at a locally owned business
  • Need sandwiches for your business meeting? Order from a local deli


  • It’s donut day! Pick up a dozen from a local donut shop
  • Have lunch with a friend at your fave local restaurant
  • Need groceries? Check your locally owned or co-op grocer first
  • Need office supplies? Order from a local provider


  • Pick a service you need done and take care of it locally
  • You’re busy. We get it. So shop online but shop at locally owned businesses online
  • Skip the big box and go to your local hardware store for all you need to complete that project
  • Looking at landscaping? A local nursery can provide plants and advice


  • Enjoy Friday happy hour at a local bar or restaurant and consume a little local flavor
  • Pick up a gift for someone special at a local jewelery store
  • Like biking? Get your gear at a local bike shop
  • Treat yourself to a great dinner at a local restaurant


  • Outdoor enthusiast? Look for a locally owned shop for all your gear
  • Explore your local breweries
  • Check out local artists at local galleries
  • Entertainment of every kind can be found at your local pub, club, theater
Don’t stop now, keep going local!

We are pleased to announce our partners for the 2022 Shop Local Week:

“Small businesses provide the feeling that a real person is behind it all, someone who cares more about giving us a quality product or service, over just taking our hard-earned dollars.”

– Annie Bukhman