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We help create and support thriving local business communities through education, research & community-building programs.

What does the
Local Business Institute do?

Part think tank, part school, part national leadership, part training ground for local leadership, the Institute is home to local leaders from across the country. Through online and on-demand programs, special projects, distance learning, virtual and live conferences, lectures and events, we work to foster local, national and even global conversations around entrepreneurship and local economies. We bring substantial resources to entrepreneurs of all ages and stages.

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Our Projects

 Focus Areas


Education providing practical, real-world strategies and programs designed to help new and seasoned entrepreneurs not just survive, but to thrive in today’s competitive and changing business landscape. Offered through the LBI Virtual Campus.



We participate in groundbreaking research focused on the impact of local business in their cities and towns, the larger impact across the country and the importance of their collective voice in policy-making around the world. 


We focus on the growth of local business communities across the nation through programs such as the the LocalFirst Community and Shop Local initiatives designed to drive more business in the doors of local business.


Completed Projects



It’s Shop Local Week!

It’s Shop Local Week!

At the Local Business Institute, we don’t refer to businesses as the classic B to B (Business to Business) or B to C (Business to Consumer). We refer to all business as H to H (Human to Human) because that’s what local business really is. It’s easy to lose sight of...

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We Speak Local

We Speak Local

I have always sought to live a life of meaning that delivered fulfillment for me and contributions to others. Most often this has been focused on the local business community—helping where I can through the tools and skills I have. In the past this has largely been...

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 Small businesses are the heartbeat of your neighborhood, the spine of your local economy and the spirit of your town.