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The Local Business Institute develops educational programs that advance local business and local economic ecosystems through online, on-demand programs in the LBI Virtual Campus.

Through qualifying curriculum, seminars and symposiums, we will bring the best of academic and real-world experience to bear. Our founding team has collectively owned 14 local businesses and managed many others. This gives us a unique perspective into entrepreneurship. Our founders are also well versed in veteran education resources focusing on veteran transition skills training and education.

Distance learning makes education and events available to more people and we are committed to serving the underserved, whether by community, circumstance or geography. We want to break down barriers and this is one way to do that.

Crisis Preparedness for Local Business

Crisis Preparedness provides the tools and training to help businesses quickly recover and survive a crisis. While disasters are typically natural disasters, a crisis is anything that can stop businesses from functioning such as a bad public relations incident, long-term illness of a CEO, or theft by an employee. The list of crises is long and varied and much more frequent than natural disasters. Having key components in place can determine businesses’ ability to survive the immediate crisis. Being prepared means having a plan, knowing what to do and educating staff before the crisis hits.

Unity in Diversity

Unity in Diversity provides tools to discover what your actions could accomplish. We approach this quest with open minds that seek to celebrate our differences, not homogenize our communities. We embrace the truth that the sum of us is greater than the parts. We listen to understand, not to answer. We will not tell you what you should do. Instead we help you to know what is possible. Unity in Diversity provides an avenue to act intentionally and avoid just checking the box or participating in tokenism. Through thousands of small steps we can marginalize racism, not people.

Co-op Connection

Through five innovate classes and two work groups, the Local Business Institute will take attendees from initial idea to a fully formed cooperative. This series isn’t just for start-ups, it’s for existing cooperatives and businesses who may want to transition to a cooperative. These classes may be taken in order or at the participant’s choosing.

Working Together: Soft Skills for Today’s Workplace

This program leads to more successful problem solving, stronger business relationships and compelling leadership at every level of employment through tools and instruction. How we communicate affects every facet of business. Even the best idea or best of intentions communicated poorly can lead to misunderstandings. Workplace Soft Skills teaches listening, communication and interpersonal skills appropriate for the workplace. Whether communicating with co-workers, employees or customers, appropriate communication is key.


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