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About This Project

The Shop Local Marketplace will offer independent businesses a national online market, increasing their revenue, creating jobs and providing an alternative to Amazon. Perhaps most important, the businesses will keep 100% of their revenue and the platform will be run by an experienced nonprofit.

The Local Business Institute (LBI) is developing the Shop Local Marketplace, an online shopping portal featuring goods and services from independent vendors. While sites like Amazon dominate e-commerce, local businesses end up sacrificing significant revenue and their own branding to participate. Although COVID brought momentum to the Buy Local movement, for consumers there is no convenient online alternative to those “big box” outlets.

The Shop Local Marketplace provides local business owners and consumers with an alternative to the dominant online retailers where policies and costs can be prohibitive. With organization partners representing and reaching more than one million local businesses across the country, LBI is poised to succeed where others have fallen short.

Participating vendors will benefit from shared resources like professional design and marketing, secured payments and search engine optimization. Those struggling to stay open will find new revenue opportunities. Those not yet selling online can ramp-up or pivot. Those already managing e-commerce will amplify reach and visibility. The Local Marketplace will help level the playing field for vendors so often left out of large-scale solutions. This project will promote all participating local businesses with additional features to highlight multi-ethnic, minority-owned, woman-owned, LGBTQ and veteran-led vendors.


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