2021 Opportunities and Creating Success

2021 is the “Customer Obsessed” year.  If you aren’t speaking to your existing customers about how you can help with their needs, you will fail, plain and simple.


Creating success in 2021 entails a few basic tasks:

  • Get the data – have a great data source for your demographic. This source should be as close to the point of purchase / customer exchange as possible.  This means you need to be the source about your customers – ask them- talk to them- create the data- be the source.

  • Use the data – use a mix of reliable platforms for reaching your customers. Now that you know who they are – and what they need from you – it’s best to use content specific programming as a part of the customized reach of your customers across all outreach (TV/Cable/ YouTube/OTT, Radio, Internet, Email, Online Events, Podcast Sponsorships, White Papers, Native Content, etc.)

  • Speak to their Needs – make sure your messaging is speaking to the needs of your customer and not just touting your services.  Again, Customer Obsessed means knowing the needs of your customer and making sure you meet those needs.

Ideas from some of the largest companies in the world:

  1. Ask your customers what they perceive their needs to be in 2021.

  2. Increase your 1:1 with your customers with direct contact – phone calls, online meetings, emailing important information – ramp it up to at least once a month.

  3. The largest problem most of us are suffering from is insufficient Emotional Intelligence.

28% of customers could be suffering from isolation – and only 1 out of 10 of us are able to cope with this.  

  1. Many of your customers (and workers) may be suffering from isolation and unknown variables.  This breeds stress and anxiety.  As a resource for your customers, you need to incorporate a different method for helping them keep healthy/well.

  2. Some of your customers aren’t experts at using digital tools – they may need help to catch up.

  3. 1/3 of bank workers are now working from home.  Apple workers will work from home until July 2021 now.  The new universal ideal that companies are considering is 50% of workers work from home and 50% of workers work in the office / facility. Think about your own company as well as the workers who are your customers.  Define how your business fits into this new reality.

Our summary:

In times of Reformation there are difficulties and opportunities.  Being there for others is always a rewarding place to be in the midst of change.

Originally published on Idealogoy.com.